Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Physical Progress made in August

Hi guys,

The amount of progress I've made in August is truly astounding.  This unless we've met.  In which case you won't be astounded at all regarding how small my progress has been.  Mostly my progress in August has been to continue my research.  I only have two excuses, 1) we just bought our first house so I can't find anything but books, and 2) world of warcraft.

Physically I have begun working on the pattern for the shoes.  Sevya and I took a class last year on how to make turn shoes.  Since then we've worked together on the two-man portions of the shoe making process.  Basically we tape each others feet.  When making the initial pattern it helps to have another person smooth the tape over your foot as you stand on it.  This helps you make a more accurate pattern.  We use duct tape over old socks. Then we draw the pattern on the tape and cut the sock off of the foot following the pattern lines.  Right now I'm on the step where I transfer the shape of the taped sock to card stock for a permanent pattern.  For card stock I use boxes from frozen pizza.  The pattern I am using is the one described on pages 315-316 of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, based on finds BM EA4408/9 and Ashmolean E2430 described therein.  This shoe is not a turn shoe, but the skills should apply.  Also while shoes of this type are not known to have been worn by men, the costume I am making is not being made to reflect what an Egyptian male would have worn in Egypt.  I am making the costume a male Egyptian in far northern exile might have worn if he had to walk through snow.

Btw, to Egyptians in ancient times, Egypt was the Only place to live, since being buried in Egyptian soil was the only way to be resurrected.  Therefore to them, living outside of Egypt, for any reason, would feel like exile.

Also I've been looking more closely at the beards.  I've made some progress in shaping mine a bit closer to an authentic look.  I get back to you with pictures later.

That's it for physical progress made.

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